Yugoslav Wars Archive was founded in 2017 by Alexekin Rockowia for the purpose of spreading knowledge about the Serbian people and hence reversing the demonization of this people by Western media and governments.

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Yugoslav Wars Archive


Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

A legendary American politician says that Bosnia and Herzegovina should not have been recognized as a independent state and also says the truth about the siege of Sarajevo and talks about NATO, which you should see if you have read Peter Gowan’s The Twisted Road to Kosovo.


Professor Noam Chomsky

In an interview for Serbian television one of the world’s most well-informed intellectual talks about the Kosovo War and the Western powers.


Colonel David Hackworth and the Albanian Lobby

A great American hero defends the Serbs against the Albanian propaganda machine.


The Albanian Propaganda Machine

In these videos you can follow the Albanian lobby on Capitol Hill, which has been operating since 1989 under the leadership of former Congressman Joseph DioGuardi.


Moral Combat: NATO at War

In this BBC documentary about Kosovo you will see William Walker caught in several lies, what kind of imbecile he really is, Hashim Thaci admitting that Račak was a KLA stronghold, as well as the effect of NATO’s “moral crusade” and the reality of the war


It Began with a Lie

German documentary from 2001 about the Kosovo War which among other things quotes OSCE, debunks "Operation Horseshoe" and talks a bit about the origin of the war.


Šešelj kod Miloševića – najsmešnije i najinteresantnije

Ovo su snimci sa sudjenja Slobodanu Miloševiću na kojem je Vojislav Šešelj svjedočio od 19. avgusta do 20. septembra 2005. godine.