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2018-02-19 23:57

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Colonel David Hackworth and the Albanian Lobby

David Hackworth Defending the Serbian Flag

David Hackworth, a highly decorated United States Army colonel and prominent military journalist, attacks former Congressman and President of the Albanian lobby on Capitol Hill for burning the Serbian flag on a demonstration during the NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia. 

Two American Veterans on the KLA as a Criminal Organization

Renowned American veterans David Hackworth and Bob Maginnis infuriate the president of the Albanian lobby when they accuse the Kosovo Liberation Army of being a bunch of criminals involved in terrorist activities. While Hackworth refers to sources from Interpol for such claims, Maginnis looks to articles from famous American newspapers going a long time back. The truth of the matter is though that these terrorists had covertly received equipment and training from American and German intelligence services months before the West officially became involved in the conflict.

Albanian Motor Mouth Shirley Cloyes

The trait of interrupting other people while they're talking, or in this case answering questions not directed to one, is evidently something shared by both Shirley Cloyes and spouse, the president of the AACL Joseph DioGuardi. Finally, David Hackworth has enough.

Concerning the part where Frank Gaffney claims that the war could have to do something with Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, one shouldn't give that much serious thought. Most likely, he himself doesn't believe in something like that but at the same time he won't admit the real cause, that the war was really just an attempt to find a justification for NATO after the end of the Cold War.

Bob Maginnis on Serbia's Chances Against NATO

Bob Maginnis looks back at the Second World War to demonstrate the Serbs' fighting capacities and then counts up facts about the capacity of the Yugoslav Army to prove that the Serbs are far from being sitting ducks in this war.

David Hackworth Admires Serbian Defiance

Not paying much attention to Shirley Cloyes' motor mouth, David Hackworth gives his impressions of the Serbian people from this war. 

Shirley Cloyes Has Got a Mouse in Her Pocket

David Hackworth is somewhat confused when Shirley Cloyes keeps mentioning the "we", keeping in mind that she is a member of the Albanian lobby on Capitol Hill. Finally, he has it with her and lets loose some demeaning remarks about her.

As far as Captain Ryan Henry's claim are concerned, that the KLA doesn't exist as an effective fighting force, this was true some months back, when the province was totally peaceful and no fighting except small and insignificant activities from the KLA could be observed. The fact is that at the time the bombing began on 24 March 1999, the KLA had no significance at all. It was only with the assistance of the biggest military powers on earth that they managed to rebuild and enter Kosovo and then parade on the streets of Kosovo as victors, when in fact they had done nothing and didn't have a chance against the Serbian army.

'The Europeans Should Have Done it Themselves' (?!)

If you think that Dana Rohrabacher is just that stupid or ignorant to think and then say something like that, you're wrong. Nor is he talking like that just because he's a Republican and Bill Clinton's a Democrat. It's quite the opposite, because the answer can be found in his and other American politicians' cleverness. They won't admit that they started the war, that Madeleine Albright and Bill Clinton forced their Generals, the Pentagon and other NATO countries to attack Yugoslavia, even if all these were against the war.

As Professor Peter Gowan nicely points out in his "The Twisted Road to Kosovo", the credibility of NATO, and more importantly the United States, was at stake only because they made it come to this point: by the time the bombing had started, Madeleine Albright had repeated so many times how their credibility was at stake that something needed to be done, or NATO and the United States would have been humiliated to an unimaginable extent, something which their Generals, the Pentagon and other NATO countries didn't want to risk. In other words, the talking was just a pretext for a war, a war which was staged so as to give all the sceptics a reason for why NATO had to exist even after the Cold War.

TV Host Makes Fun of Joseph DioGuardi 

After a debate on whether the United States has the right to assassinate the democratically elected Slobodan Milošević, they go on to talk about a crucial part of the war, namely that the Pentagon had warned the politicians that an air-war alone could not obtain their goals. The same way, everyone knew how the Serbs would react to such an unprovoked attack on their country, which was whole-heartedly supported by the Albanians in Kosovo who were really pawns in the big game.

This further proves Peter Gowan's point in his "The Twisted Road to Kosovo", that no one except the politicians of the administration of Bill Clinton wanted the war. There was no opinion in the American public for something to be done to stop the alleged atrocities in Kosovo. This is probably why Clinton in his speech to the nation on the day of the first strikes on March 24 asked the American people to look Kosovo up on their maps (!), meaning that no one could have cared less about the Albanians.

Joseph DioGuardi, a former congressman himself, is fully aware of the real motives behind the war, and that it had nothing to do with the Albanians. Really it was only about justifying the existence of post-Cold War NATO and strengthening the United States' position over Western European countries. The same way he and Rohrabacher ought to be aware of the fact that the Kosovo Liberation Army was obtaining arms and training covertly from his own country and Germany.